The digital supermarket: How Migros Online invests in data quality

The digital supermarket and product data

The digital supermarket: How Migros Online invests in data quality

Food retailing is becoming more digital. Thus, the requirements of online retailing now meet a traditional offline business model with its industry-specific demands. As one of the 2 largest retail companies in Switzerland with almost 100,000 employees and around 30 billion in sales, Migros has taken on the challenge of combining these two channels and providing customers with a convenient platform. In our webinar, Rafaela Lucas, Product Content Lead, and Marlon Chng, Product Manager for Product Data of explained the special requirements of the digital supermarket in more detail and presented us their successful approach on the way to a customer-friendly online food platform. 

Up-to-date, accurate and intuitive - special requirements of a special market

This is because food retailing in particular faces major challenges in eCommerce. Hardly any other industry has such a fast-moving assortment - supermarkets with their extensive assortment, fresh items and many seasonal items change their range of goods almost daily, from food to non-food. Mapping the very different item categories with their descriptive attributes, legal requirements such as allergen or content information, clear filter criteria, descriptive images and explanatory texts in intuitive and customer-friendly categories is highly complex and requires clear rules and structures. Just like in an offline supermarket, all items must be easy to find and clearly described for an optimal shopping experience.

Since Migros Online not only offers its customers the option of ordering groceries online, but also serves as an information portal for the local stores, the store stocks and all items from the offline range must also be maintained and kept up to date. This requires well thought-out processes with automated and reliable work steps.

AI-supported product data preparation as a supporting process

In order to be able to map these high requirements at an industry-specific pace, Migros Online has opted for Onedot. With the help of AI-supported categorization, the parallel structures of the offline and online assortment can be merged quickly and easily. Daily challenges such as updated or expanded categories can be handled quickly with the help of automated categorization. For the path to the optimal digital supermarket, MigrosOnline has opted for a targeted step-by-step approach, which Rafaela Lucas and Marlon Chng will present in the webinar. This enables Migros to map the rapidly changing assortment online for its customers on a daily basis, reduce manual steps, and come ever closer to its goal of "We are the digital supermarket that is there for you at all times." ever closer.

Do you also have industry-specific challenges that we can support you with? Then feel free to contact us or visit us at the upcoming Product Data Pilots Roadshow on June 7, 2023 in Hamburg!

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