Onedot is the first intelligent platform for the sourcing, preparation and syndication of product data for Commerce and industry.

Onedot Product Data Platform

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Do you get the right product data in the right quality?

Source product data

Onedot procures high-quality product data on your behalf from the manufacturer, supplier or content provider.

Establish contact with your partner and our data professionals will take it from there. Relieve your team, focus on your core business and leave the rest to us.

Is the data on a protected server or a supplier portal? No problem, Onedot logs in automatically, gets the data and downloads it regularly for you.

Onedot already has an interface to the most common partners, so we only have to turn on the data tap for you: Consumable Data.
Simplify sourcing

Does the onboarding of a product catalogue take too long for you?

Onboard suppliers

Onedot enables you to bring the suppliers' products into your ERP, PIM or shop system faster by factors, and thus make more sales than your competitors.

Empower your product data team with a cloud-based platform where all parties work seamlessly with our Onedot AI in a single web interface.

Various onboarding modules are available to extract product attributes highly automatically and AI-supported, map supplier attributes, classify products, and apply attribute values and units to their specific target format: Consumable Data.

Thanks to Onedot AI, your team will only have to monitor the entire process, instead of tedious data preparation, and can get back to the things where it's really strong.
Accelerate onboarding

Do you already use other digital sales channels?

Publish to sales channels

Thanks to Onedot, syndicating your product data to the relevant sales channels is child's play.

Transform your product master data directly into the target format of the sales channels. Generate standard feeds for Google, Amazon or eBay, feeds for marketplaces such as REWE, Mercateo or Conrad, as well as specific BMEcat, ONIX or Ariba catalogues and other channel-specific target formats to be online faster on all channels.

Have your products automatically classified according to international standards such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss, Proficl@ss or ETIM to make your products easier to find: Consumable Data.

The Onedot AI is already familiar with the most common sales channels and marketplaces and needs only minimal user feedback to learn channel-specific classifications in no time.
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Our world-wide Customers

Leading marketplaces, manufacturers, retailers and distribution partners rely on Onedot to increase market share and to play a pioneering role in digitalization.

Onedot is pure Software-as-a-Service.
Several times a week new functionality and improvements are made available on the Onedot platform.
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As a customer of Onedot you are in the best of company. Let Onedot AI help your company to generate more turnover through better product data and save costs at the same time.
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