Revolutionize data management with targeted use of artificial intelligence

How Onedot AI is revolutionizing data management

The demands on data management are constantly increasing due to various factors. On the one hand, customers are demanding an ever better shopping experience. On the other hand, suppliers and manufacturers have to provide ever better product data adapted to the digital Commerce environment.

How can leading companies invest sustainably in data management? More and more product data from different suppliers and manufacturers is available in different formats and structures. With Onedot's structured and automated product data onboarding process, companies can turn the unstructured data into usable product data.

Product data onboarding with Onedot AI

Onedot has designed the first intelligent product data platform for the sourcing, preparation and syndication of product data in such a way that each individual step in the clearly structured process is shown by the Onedot software with a confidence level according to a traffic light system. In this way, Onedot users can see how certain the software is of the allocation and override it if necessary.

Onedot product data onboarding process

First, the various product catalogs from manufacturers and suppliers are loaded into the Onedot product data platform. Most often, the manufacturer and supplier catalog formats are different versions of BMEcat, ECLASS, CSV or Excel. These catalogs are then prepared for onboarding. Depending on whether existing products or new product groups and ranges are involved, a product data reconciliation is performed and the new or updated data is prepared.

After that, the product data is automatically assigned to the given categories of the desired target system. In the subsequent step, the attributes of the manufacturers are matched with the dealer attributes. In the normalization step, attribute values are standardized for the value lists and values for filter attributes. Finally, this step can also be checked for completeness. In this way, a file is automatically created for each imported product data catalog, which can then be easily integrated into the desired target system.

Take off thanks to automated onboarding

Companies need a lot of product information in the right e-commerce quality. With the state-of-the-art and self-learning Onedot software, products can be brought online 5x faster in better quality, increasing conversion rates by up to 10%. Thanks to Onedot AI, companies can perform automated supplier onboarding, digitize data maintenance processes and significantly improve product data quality in the long term.

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