Onedot platform news: New and improved

New features of the Onedot platform

We have great news: Our Onedot platform news are live and inform about new features and improvements. On this page you will find short and concise descriptions of the further developments as well as information about the respective application context. 

And why is that relevant? You as a customer keep track of new features of the software and can use the Onedot platform optimally.

What further developments are being implemented?

New functionalities are based on the requirements of our customers, since we do not develop the software for us, but for you. The constant dialogue with you is the central source of information for us. Within the scope of the cooperation, our data analysts accompany our customers during the onboarding of product data and take up requirements in various coordination meetings. These meetings are also used to efficiently discuss the processes in the Onedot App or individual questions. The results of these meetings flow directly into the further development of the Onedot platform via our product management.

Only agile software development makes it possible to react adequately to the different and changing requirements of our customers in today's fast moving world. That is why we have set up an automatic deployment process for you, so that new functionalities can go live several times a week. In special cases, functionalities can even be developed, tested and published within one day. 

Further developments optimize the direct user experience for you and increase the functionality in relation to your specific application context. Here are some examples from recent releases: To help you keep track of large data sets, selected columns or rows are highlighted in color. As a company with cross-border sales, you are optimally positioned with Onedot - thanks to automatic product data translation into over 50 languages.  

Why so frequent releases?

Because a software product is never "completely" developed. Rather, we see (further) development as a process to become better and better on the basis of experience and new information - for the benefit of our customers.

Not only the functionalities are continuously being expanded, but also the intelligence of the platform is increasing daily, thanks to our international customer base which validates the intermediate results of the onboarding and overrides the software in case of incorrect results. This way the software learns over time and the accuracy of the data processing is further increased.

It is our goal to offer you as a trade and industry partner the best possible solution with our intelligent platform, which enables your long-term success in e-commerce. To achieve this, we focus on your specific requirements, break new ground with you and offer the first AI-supported solution for product data onboarding. 

If the Onedot platform does not yet cover all your requirements, we look forward to your input. Use our feedback portal to tell us your ideas - we will be happy to come back to you with a suitable implementation!